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Boot IT Consulting

For everything I.T. just boot it
About us....

Boot IT Consulting was born 9 years ago when I moved to Whangamata from Sydney with my family, to start a new life by the beach. I brought with me 20 years IT experience, 12 of which was working as the IT Manager of a global professional services consultancy, headquarted in Sydney.


After living on the Coromandel for some time now, I have seen a huge need for local, experienced, friendly IT assistance and advice.


I am passionate about helping people and businesses make the most of their IT spend and doing it through exceptional customer service in plain English.

6 years ago we brought Anton Dorreen onboard. Anton has been always been obsessed with all things IT, and has been been working with businesses of all sizes over the past 9 years. Anton's passion and exceptional customer service make him a great fit for Boot IT Consulting. In Anton's own words "there is nothing more satisfying that taking technology that has been working against you and making it work FOR you!” - damn straight Anton!


The need...


There are so many small businesses struggling with obsolete servers and infrastructure, unsure of whether to move their systems to the Cloud, and if so how and with whom.


Badly structured backup and disaster recovery systems, which are so critical to ensuring the ongoing success of a business should disaster strike, are also the norm rather than the exception. We plan to change this.


For the home user there are very few plain English speaking IT people to help them fix their problems and provide unbiased advice and training in backups, virus removal and setting up their computers, tablets and phones.


Boot IT Consulting aims to fix these things for every person and business we meet with.


If you or your business has an IT question, I am confident we can help you.


Thank you

Nigel Boot

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