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Boot IT Consulting

For everything I.T. just boot it

Home Services

Most things that plug in

At Boot IT Consulting we are passionate about most things electronic in your home.


We can provide design, advice, sales, set up and training in:


  • Internet, WiFi and networks

  • PCs and Mac

  • Automated Backup Systems

  • Anti-virus/anti-malware systems

  • Network security

  • Mobile phones

  • Tablets

  • Smart Home devices like Google Home and Logitech Harmony home controllers

  • Printing and scanning

  • Home theatre

  • Smart TVs

  • Video survelliance

  • Xbox and PS4

If we don't know about it, we will make it our mission to find out!
The 2 most important things you need to nail!

Backups and Data Recovery

Proper automated, offsite backups are the most important thing every person who uses a computer or a mobile phone needs to have sorted.


If you answer NO to any of the below questions, then you should let us know so we can sort it for you. Remember, you cannot replace photos once they are gone!


Question: Do you have all your precious photos and files backed up, and by backed up I mean MORE THAN ONE COPY?

Question: Do you have your backups stored in the Cloud in case your house gets burgled, flooded or catches fire?

Question: Are your backups automated and notify you if there are any problems?


Your security needs a Professional - it needs to address your home network, computers,
phones, tablets and anything else you have plugged in to the network. 

On top of all that, good habits and education are essential to ensure you stay safe. 

At Boot IT Consulting we can help with both aspects of security - sorting your systems and equipping you with the advice, habits and tools you need to stay safe.

IMPORTANT: Apple Macs are just as susceptible to viruses and security flaws as Windows. If you don't have good Endpoint Security Software in place then talk to us.

Boot IT Consulting uses a centralised anti-virus systems called Webroot to ensure all of our clients stay safe. It will alert us as soon as you run into trouble. Please call if you would like a quote.

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